An artists provocative


A masterpiece taken away too soon. A testament to the ownership of art.

A reminder to stop, look and appreciate street art whilst it is there.

When Lutz Henke & other co-creators of the Kreuzberg Murals decided to cover their 2006 display they felt they had become their own worst enemies and only added to the displacement of artists in Berlin.

What was a sentiment to East meeting West, for those that had lived during the divide & the 90’s that followed. The piece was later updated in 2008, as the world crashed into economic chaos.

Over the duration of its 7 years on display the street art became an attraction in the ever growing fairground of art in the city. Soon affordable space for artists to live became hipster cool spots &  nightly rentals led the capitalists to push out the creatives.

The locals I spoke with that watch it appear & disappear from their living rooms are pleased they saw it every day whilst they had the chance, but feared for how much longer they would be able to afford to live in their homes.






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