Hans Bellmer


The surrealist photographer’s, Les Trois Jeunes Filles et la mort. 1942.

The Sammulung Scharf-Gerstenberg is West of the city, conveniently located opposite the Charlottenburg Palace and has 250 works over two floors.

All dedicated to surrealism.

Starting with works by Giovanni Battista Piranesi and Francisco de Goya , influencers in Surrealist art of including Max Ernst and René Magritte, are all showcased.

All the names you expect to see are on display and this of course includes, Hans Bellmer.

Just across the road is Museum Berggruen, both museums owe their existence to the efforts of private individuals and their passion for collecting & keeping art in  Berlin.


Born in Kattowitz, Germany in 1902 the surrealist photographer initiated ‘the doll project’ to oppose the fascism of the Nazi party.

Sometimes difficult work to engage with, the Die Puppe (1934) photograph captures the beginning of what became a sometime grotesque collection, of heavily discussed artwork.

It has been said that it all began with an unfulfilled desire for a younger cousin, he began to craft dolls from wood, glue, plaster & straw.  Then photograph them in postures that would twist the mind into a surrealist vision of emotion.





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