Nomad Clan

Nomad Clan is the name of the collective duo Cbloxx & Aylo are creating impressive murals under.

‘When the pair collaborate the fusion delivers an unmistakeable style. The audience get a glimpse into another dimension, one shaped entirely by Nomad Clan, sometimes sereen and dreamlike other times like a post apocalyptic nightmare!’ states their website

In 2015 the pair were commissioned by Liverpools Tempest Hey Building, a quirky office block with the ethos “work hard, play hard”. The energy efficient building creates a healthy and relaxing place to work. It holds weekly yoga sessions on the roof and even has beehives providing honey for the residents.

This is their largest mural to date. The pair received such kindness from the local community during the 2 weeks spent painting they dedicated the piece to them.

Its no surprise the people of Liverpool welcomed the Manchester & Yorkshire artists, the city continues to support artists and hosts the UK’s largest biggest festival of contemporary art, the Liverpool Biennal.

Check out to see the whats on in the former Capital of Culture city.



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