A wall of dead pop

The Frederick place mural brightens the side of the Prince Albert pub in Brighton, UK. Painted by Req & Sinna One in the summer of 2013.

This wall was known for its ‘Kissing Policemen‘, one of Banksy’s most famous murals. The life size graffiti sold was sold to an anonymous buyer in Miami for £345,000 in 2011 and replaced with a replica thats now dwarfed by the incredible work of artistic duo.

The artists are heavily influenced by music, comics, sci-fi and graffiti culture and included 28 deceased pop icons (& Oliver Reed) at the request of the pubs landlord.

“[Sinna One] takes his name from a rebellion of a religious upbringing and inevitably breaks one of the ten commandments by creating graven idols on paper, found objects, canvas and walls that he invites others to worship thus making any other God jealous ( he/she is a jealous God! ). He is also a proud, amorous, lazy, angry, jealous and greedy (or is that needy?) artist, thus encapsulating all of the seven deadly sins, simultaneously” states the artists website http://www.sinnaone.com.

He is pro-active Brighton based artist creating incredible large murals and offering advice and ‘doodle jamming’ to the creative youths in the city.

Req [Ian Cassar] is also Brighton based graffiti artist but adds ‘producer’ to his creative belt. Having spent his youth tagging, breakdancing & Djing, Req found himself heavily into the British underground club music scene whilst those surrounding him were caught up in the hip-hop culture. As a result, though his art he creates exciting new directions, an abstract approach with a gift for capturing persistent melancholy out of the most minimal electronic soundscapes.





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