Yves Klein



His short career left a legacy of inspiration, influencing pop, conceptual, installation and performance artists  for generations to follow.



The Frenchman would work with naked female models covered in paint, laid upon canvases to create his pieces, using the models as “living brushes”.


In 2013, Klein’s Sculpture Éponge Bleue Sans Titre, SE 168, a 1959 sculpture made with natural sea sponges drenched in blue pigment sold for $22 million.


The dull sky and glimpse of the grey River Mersey alongside the artists International Klein Blue (IKB).

“Klein is one of the most radical figures in post-war western art. He influenced minimal, conceptual and performance art, taking painting out of the frame, which he felt had imprisoned it for too long”.


Yves Klein until 4th March 2017, Tate Liverpool.



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