Palais des beaux arts, Lille, France

Approaching the gallery I am surprise to see publicity for a French car manufacturer. Disappointed the exteriors littered with irrelevant marketing, I quickly make my way  inside the very grand building.


This is one of the largest and oldest galleries in France, built under Napoleons command it holds an impressive collection of  the work confiscated from churches and territories occupied by the armies of Revolutionary France.

Palais des beaux arts Lille.jpg

Huge, grim tales of the past from middles ages through to renaissance, 17th – 20th centuries, the gallery has an impressive collection.

Vincent Van Goghs, cows nicely sum up my recent experience of rural France.

Palais des beaux arts Lille_Van Gogh_Les Vaches.jpg

The museum, as to be expected, wall adorned with unrelenting male portraits and delicate female sculptures.

Palais des beaux arts Lille-2

Palais des beaux arts Lille-4Palais des beaux arts Lille-5

or scantly clad women surrounding a stallion.

I particularly enjoyed the expression caught on this woman’s face.



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